People previously seeing the issue have confirmed everything is now working. Thanks so much for waiting with us. All systems are go.

Our workaround should be up and running now, and we don't expect customers to have any further issues accessing our site. I am currently waiting on confirmation from those previously effected that things are working again.

We have changed the way in which we route traffic for to bypass the current issue we're having. This may take up to an hour to resolve but will hopefully be much sooner for most.

After some investigation and additional information provided by our kind customers we've now narrowed down the issue.

Our main website is currently unavailable for a limited number of people. We are speaking with our service provider to dig into what's going on.

App and Status Pages unaffected. More updates to follow.

I can confirm that there does appear to be a potential issue with some people being able to access - This does NOT effect our core application, or any customer status pages however. We're working to better understand the problem and resolve it.

Reports from some customers are that the site appears to be working o.k for them. We believe the issue is likely related to the way in which traffic is routed to and from our servers to certain geographic locations. We're continuing to look into things.

We've received a report that our front-end website might currently be unavailable. We're not able to see the issue from here and our monitoring is also not reporting any issues. We're investigating now. More news to follow shortly.

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