Issues displaying the publish button

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Following up:

I introduced this bug late last night whilst working to fix a bug in another part of the app, and inadvertently introduced this new issue.

Because I wasn't working directly on the publishing form, I hadn't predicted it to be affected, in hindsight, this was obviously wrong.

We are planning to make some changes around our QA and Automated Testing of the core publishing experience, to prevent bugs like this making their way into production again.

Sorry that we let you down this time, we hope to learn from it.

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Robert Rawlins

We've fixed the issue with the publish button now. I'm so sorry. We'll be looking this morning at how that bug managed to slip through the net.

Thank you for being so understanding.

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Robert Rawlins

We have issues displaying the "publish as" button when publishing notices in the management UI.

As a workaround to make the publish button appear again, please choose the planned maintenance option and then switch back to an unplanned notice.

Sorry for the confusion, we shall get this fixed first thing in the morning.

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Robin Geall
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  • Management UI