I'm happy that things are now back to normal.

We are going to dive in and assess everything that happened, in order to prevent it from occurring again. We've already made improvements to our monitoring and will be talking with our service provider about changes that they can make too.

Thank you all so much for your understanding while this was happening.

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Robert Rawlins

Things look to be working again now. Our monitoring shows that pages are updating at their normal speed, without the delay we've been seeing over the past hour or two.

Another update to follow shortly.

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Robert Rawlins

Our provider has now identified the issue, and are rolling out a fix, I hope to have more good news shortly.

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Robert Rawlins

The problem appears to be with our CDN provider, where status pages are cached for performance.

When the status page is updated, we refresh the cache, so the latest content is served. However, an issue with our service provider means that this is currently failing to happen.

I'm currently speaking with them, and hope to have an update again shortly.

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Robert Rawlins

We've identified a problem that delays updates reaching the status page. Please standby while we look into a potential workaround. So sorry for the bother.

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Robin Geall
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Affected components
  • Status Pages
  • Management UI