Monitoring shows substantial outage

Uptime Impact: 5 minutes and 40 seconds

We've had confirmation that the routing issues have stabilised. We will continue to monitor things and get to work on piecing together the post mortem.

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Robin Geall

Our service provider confirmed that they are having some routing issues, which is why your accounts were unavailable, however they now seem to have the problem in hand.

We're still keep an eagle-eye on things until we're happy it has passed.

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We're now recovering from our outage, which started about 10 minutes ago. We'll keep a very close eye on things while we get back on our feet. I'll update you against shortly.

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Sorry everyone, we’re currently offline and customers are unable to access their accounts. The team are on it. More updates to follow.

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Affected components
  • Management UI
  • Monitoring Automation
    • Inbound Mail
    • Pingdom Sync
  • Message Distribution
    • Email
      • Email by Sorry™
      • MailChimp
      • Mailgun
      • SendGrid
      • Postmark
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Slack
    • SMS
    • Twitter
    • Website Plugin
    • Intercom Messenger App