Intermittent connectivity issues

Uptime Impact: 4 minutes and 21 seconds

Things are back to normal now and have been stable for a little while.

Hopefully, this will be the end of the intermittent issues that have troubled us this evening.

We'll be properly reviewing the situation in the morning, and looking at ways to help prevent this in future.

Avatar for Robert Rawlins
Robert Rawlins

Things seem to be running normally again, for now, we'll continue to watch the situation.

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Robert Rawlins

I'm sorry to say that the same issues we saw earlier this evening appear to be back.

We're looking into things now, more information to follow.

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Robert Rawlins
Began at:

Affected components
  • Status Pages
  • Management UI
  • Monitoring Automation
    • Inbound Mail
    • Pingdom Sync
  • Message Distribution
    • Email
      • Email by Sorry™
      • MailChimp
      • Mailgun
      • SendGrid
      • Postmark
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Slack
    • SMS
    • Twitter
    • Website Plugin
    • Intercom Messenger App