Downtime for Infrastructure Upgrades

Tuesday, 29 October 15 minutes

Everything is looking good folks! I'm going to consider this maintenance as complete, but rest assured we're keeping a close eye on things for a while, just in case.

Thank you all so much for understanding why we had to take things offline for a while.

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Robert Rawlins

Hello again Houston, the maintenance is now complete and we're back online. We are carrying out a few final checks to make sure everything went as expected.

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Robert Rawlins

We are going offline now folks, we hope to be online again in the next 10 to 15 minutes. I'll be back with more updates once we've passed through the dark side of the moon.

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Robert Rawlins

We're underway! The app will remain online for a few more minutes while we finish our preparations, we'll update you again before we go offline.

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Robert Rawlins

Good morning everyone. We're all set for our planned maintenance in the next 20 minutes or so. I'll keep you updated on our progress, and we'll hopefully be able to keep downtime to a minimum.

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Robert Rawlins

We're carrying out some essential infrastructure upgrades on Tuesday, October 29th, which will mean we have to take Sorry™ offline for around 5 to 10 minutes. While status pages will remain online, you'll be unable to login to your account, or use the API during this time.

Taking things offline isn't a choice we make lightly, but in this instance, it is unavoidable. We have, however, picked a quiet time of day, to disrupt as few people as possible. These upgrades are to help us ensure our performance and reliability as we continue to grow.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Robert Rawlins
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Affected components
  • Management UI
  • Monitoring Automation
    • Inbound Mail
    • Pingdom Sync
  • Message Distribution
    • Email
      • Email by Sorry™
      • MailChimp
      • Mailgun
      • SendGrid
      • Postmark
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Slack
    • SMS
    • Twitter
    • Website Plugin
    • Intercom Messenger App